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Lumen Lamp

Beautiful outdoor furniture

Lumen Lamp

Let there be light

Lumen Lamp

Perfect for your next event

Lumen Lamp

A bold statement with a soft light

The Kindle Lumen Lamp

A Great Excuse To Leave The Light On

The Kindle Lumen is, in simplest terms, a lamp. To pigeonhole it, however, would be to limit its range. Our interpretation makes a bold statement providing soft light that’s heavy on atmosphere. We are rethinking the tradition of lighting and how it is used to influence a setting. Casual or black tie, indoors or out, you won’t need an excuse to leave this light on. Available as a plug-in or rechargeable Li-Ion battery models with white or multi-color lights. Black Onyx also available by special order.


Tech Specs

  • Optional battery powered white light or multi-color lights
  • Handcrafted in Southern California
  • Infinitely variable light output over entire body and shade
  • Durable, lightweight, easy to maintain shells
  • Made with recyclable & recycled materials
  • UL Listed electronic components
  • US and Intl. Patents

For pricing information, please contact Kindle Living or your local distributor directly.

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