About Kindle

Kindle Living Australia supplies the Australian hospitality, leisure, residential, designer and commercial markets with a range of high quality, uniquely designed outdoor heaters that ooze style, are cool, chic and style up any outdoor space. The Kindles are manufactured wholly in the USA and our gas heater burner kits are both locally sourced in Australia and imported from the USA as well. All Kindle materials are recyclable and designed to enable our customer’s appreciation and enjoyment of our great Australian lifestyle.

The KL Australia approach to outdoor heating is all about utilising great design with high performance, sustainable materials and skilled craftsmanship to create a breakthrough outdoor look and lifestyle solution for heating. We understand Australian’s love of the outdoor lifestyle and consequently our Kindle range is built to last and designed for maximum enjoyment and aesthetic impact. Our expanding collection of product includes the best designs from our parent company in the USA and we modify the kit to meet stringent local standards for safety and function.

The KL team have a passion for working hard to enjoy the good things in life. The team enjoys the freedom and creativity involved in building the KL brand in Australia and is constantly looking at expanding the range of fantastic products. They take pleasure in helping Australian customers enjoy real indoor/outdoor living.

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